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Google Tag Manager for Roofers

Most roofing websites struggle with bounce rates, which causes potential consumers to drop off without submitting any contact information. Implementing remarketing mechanisms like Facebook pixel tracking helps capture a percentage of those would-be customers. Aside from Facebook, Google Tag Manager can help retarget website visitors who leave before completing a call-to-action. Let’s learn more about the Tag Manager below:

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is an official Google management tool that utilizes HTML and JavaScript tags to track website behaviors. Although it’s a complicated tool for people who lack technical training, it creates efficiency in monitoring website performance.

Google Tag Manager Glossary for Roofers

  • Container: A centralized dashboard for tag grouping
  • Trigger: A function allowing you to dictate a tag’s firing or prevention of it
  • Tag: A marker made up of Javascript, denoting specific actions
  • Variable: An information placeholder applied to triggers and tags

Should Roofing Companies Use Google Tag Manager?

Roofers can benefit from GTM in various ways. Take a look at some of the primary advantages:

Streamline Event Tracking

Tracking specific user behaviors was possible before Google Tag Manager, but it was much more complex and expensive. With GTM, developers can easily add and remove tags from your website so that you can quickly monitor new events and behaviors. Developers can also monitor each tag from one central location.

Compile Valuable Data

By tracking events with GTM, roofers can compile and evaluate valuable data and gain insights to improve your roofing company website. Google data is highly accurate and provides the most profound insights relating to user behavior and conversion rate optimization.

Avoid Expensive Software

Since GTM is free, roofers can utilize it instead of expensive 3rd party software. You can accomplish many of your online marketing goals using Tag Manager, which is great because it is both free and Google certified. It helps to have experts manage your GTM, but dedicated roofers can learn it themselves, too. 

Google Tag Manager Analytics for Roofing Websites

The most valuable aspect of Google Tag Manager is its seamless interaction with Google Analytics. This collaboration allows Google to track specific events on the roofing webpage containing the Google Tag Manager code. The term event refers to a defined action completed by a website user. Any action, such as an appointment setting, a promotional offer click, and a call button click, can be considered an event, as long as it’s performed on your website. The Roofing Webmasters website marketing team can manage event tracking and website analytics on your behalf and deliver your data in an easy-to-read format, so you can see the progress made on your roofing website. The most common events tracked on roofing websites include:

  • Clicking an External Link: Track the number of visitors that click on an external link, perhaps to a social profile or review of your company
  • Engagement with Maps: Track how often users engage with an embedded Geo-Map of your company’s location
  • Submitting a Form: Track the number of visitors that submit a contact or subscription form
  • Watching a YouTube Video: Track the number of users that play an embedded YouTube video

These details are crucial when optimizing your roofing website to get the most traffic and highest conversion rate possible. Optimizing your website for conversion rates helps produce more roofing leads for your business. At Roofing Webmasters, our goal is to create a substantial ROI for our customers by using the information provided by Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to revise, hone, and perfect your roofing website continuously.

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Google Tag Manager Installation

For optimal results on your roofing website, our team recommends professional Google Tag Management. The Roofing Webmasters team is ready to provide expert planning, implementation, and management for your Google Tag Manager efforts to ensure you get more leads than ever from your website. Our services don’t end there, however. We also offer website designSEOGoogle, and Facebook PPC, and content marketing to ensure we cover the full spectrum of internet roofing marketing so you can generate leads through multiple channels.

Facebook Tag Management

Facebook also offers a remarketing tagging system that allows you to remarket to viewers who have visited your website, Facebook page, and even Instagram. Remarketing to previously interested viewers boosts conversion chances and increases the chances of a sale. The Roofing Webmasters team has the experience and know-how to manage your Facebook tagging and remarketing campaign for increased company awareness, website traffic, and advertising return.

Custom Tag Manager installations can also improve your online system’s security and tracking performance. Necessary installation does not include event tracking or variables, nor does it allow the renaming of data layers. For this reason, investing in a company with in-depth knowledge of Tag Manager, along with HTML and JavaScript code, is highly recommended. When you consider all the advantages provided by Roofing Webmasters, it’s hard to find a company that can accomplish as much at such an affordable price.

Partner With Roofing Webmasters to Increase Conversions

Google Tag Manager is a management system designed for JavaScript and HTML tags to track website analytics used for roofing marketing. Comprehension of Tag Manager requires some knowledge of website design and coding. The Tag Manager produces pre-designed snippets of code that can be inserted into your roofing webpages to track and log visitor information through Google Analytics and other tracking software. When Roofing Webmasters implements Google Tag Manager on your website, you get:

  • Extended Analytics: Provides valuable user insights concerning behavior, exit statuses, and incomplete conversions
  • Built-in Security: Allows administrators to set permissions on who can access the account
  • Website Tracking: A free tool that helps websites track important website metrics like bounce rates, keyword searches, and more
  • Simple Installation: Makes it easy to install tracking applications from Google and 3rd parties

If your roofing website isn’t utilizing Google Tag Manager, you could be losing valuable leads to your competitors. Rival websites using Google Tag Manager have access to helpful analytics that provide details about their best and worst-performing pages and their viewers’ behaviors. Insightful data helps them refine their site to offer more productive elements. Data-driven insights to your roofing website can improve conversion rates and promote customer retention, leading to more productive roofing marketing efforts.