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300 Roofing Blog Topics + Ideas for 2022 (w/Free Download)

Roofing Blog Topics

Roofing blog topics can be hit or miss for companies looking to publish new content on their websites. However, on a positive note, blog posts drive traffic and build topical relevance. Therefore, there is undoubtedly a place for blog posts within an SEO strategy, given the proper context.

However, if you talk to some self-proclaimed roofing SEO gurus, blog content is the engine of their SEO strategy. Of course, the SEO companies who preach this are likely simple-minded sociopaths. Still, they lack the context required to grasp the true power of SEO.

Regardless of its downside, you came to this page to get blog topics for your roofing website, and that’s exactly what we’re going to provide. Here are 300 blog post ideas for roofing companies in 2022.

(Download The Full List of 300 Roofing Blog Topics)

The 10 Best Roofing Blog Topics for 2022

After you download the complete list of 300 blog topics above, it’s time to publish your first post. Remember that you can alter the titles of these posts, add local context, and sprinkle in some of your personal insights. 

Below are the top 10 roofing blog topics to get your website started on the right note:

1) How To Find a Leak in a Metal Roof

People want to know how to find roof leaks, even if they can’t correct the problem themselves. Search volume shows that nearly 800 people per month search for how to find a leak in a metal roof. 

If you can craft an authoritative blog post that explains the process in detail, you can generate substantial traffic to your website.

2) How to Install Rubber Roofing

The wannabe DIY-ers always create the highest search volumes for keywords. For example, how to install rubber roofing gets over 700 monthly searches and, with variations of the term, far more. 

Industry veterans can bring good traffic to their blogs by writing a blog post explaining rubber roof installation. You may even get some DIY-ers to realize they can’t accomplish the task and hire you instead. 

3) TPO Roofing Problems

Blog topics that detail roofing problems can be a goldmine for your website. However, people searching for these queries require assistance with one or more issues. 

If you can outline each issue and provide a solution, you could get some new clients quickly. Furthermore, your web traffic will increase since this keyword gets over 300 monthly searches.

4) How Long Do Rubber Roofs Last?

Timeline posts are similarly helpful for your roofing company blog. When people wonder how long their roof might last, the revelation of its oncoming demise may encourage them to invest in a replacement. 

If you can provide a detailed outline of a rubber roof’s lifespan along with indicators of its degradation, you may be the reader’s top choice for replacement services. The keyword itself gets over 300 monthly searches.

5) Value of Impact Resistant Shingles

Consumers are interested in the worth of impact-resistant shingles, especially in climates with significant hail storms. The good news is that your roofing company can give them the answers they need most, prompting a later inquiry for your services. 

Be honest and informative since consumers trust people with good intentions. Please elaborate on the post by comparing and contrasting different shingle types and applying them to various roof variations.

6) How Much Weight Can a Roof Absorb?

Commercial roofing consumers may wonder how much weight their roof can actually take. Therefore, a well-written blog post explaining the maximum weight for different roof types would generate a lot of blog traffic. 

Make sure you highlight that you hold no accountability for your recommendations since there could always be legal ramifications of something that pertains to safety. Make sure you are an expert on the subject before writing this post.

7) Roof Flashing Techniques

Again, this topic is more for the DIY crowds but generating traffic has value. If you can funnel readers to other posts and pages, you may pick up some new clients along the way. 

In either case, providing insightful roof flashing techniques should get hundreds of searchers’ attention per month, especially with an appealing title tag and meta description.

8) Synthetic Slate Roof Cost

Blog topics addressing the cost of particular roofing material can convert into customers seamlessly. With proper contextual outlines, readers may find the cost manageable and hire your services on the spot. 

Of course, several others will ponder the prices and consult with other sources before making a final decision. Regardless, you can expect hundreds of monthly clicks by ranking for this topic.

9) How to Drain Water From a Flat Roof

Yet another DIY-style topic can generate traffic to your website. However, you can convince readers that draining water from a flat roof requires significant equipment and professional resources. 

Once they realize the gravity of the task, hiring you becomes the logical choice. But, first, outline the process as most DIYers still want to know the details of its execution, whether they end up trying it themselves.

10) What Kind of Hail Will Damage a Roof?

When residents hear of an oncoming hailstorm, they often search google in preparation. A significant question in these cases is what size or type of hail damages my roof? 

You can answer the question based on your hail damage repair experience and help them prepare for the storm. With a well-written post, you may gain new customers every time a hail storm hits in their community.

Roofer Blog Post

Blog posts that address a customer pain point relating to one of your primary services, like hail damage roof repair, helps build relevant topical authority for your high-conversion service pages.

Blog Topics Alternatives for Roofers

Websites collectively publish around 7.5 million blog posts daily. Yet, nearly 91% of all content gets zero traffic from Google. The reality is that most of your blog posts are worthless and don’t help your website rank on Google, nor do they bring in new customers to your roofing business. 

One great alternative to blogging is DataPins. The DataPins tool allows roofers to snap photos of each job, write a short caption, and auto-publish the pin to their corresponding website page. 

In addition, the pins are wrapped in schema markup and geo-coordinates to validate the job’s location. This combination of relevant data easily overpowers blog posts.

Why DataPins Outperforms Blog Posts

When users seek roofing services online, they don’t care to read a 1,200-word blog post written by the English major your marketing company hired to regurgitate someone else’s article. 

Nobody cares, and they never will. What consumers actually want is E-A-T, expertise, authority, and trust. Blog posts don’t provide E-A-T, but pins do. More importantly, pins keep your pages fresh and updated with legitimate proof of your work rather than garbage blog posts.

DataPins creates pins that include natural long-tail keywords from your captions and the overall context of the job. For example, a recent Ahrefs study proves that nearly 50% of all Google clicks are hidden queries, meaning Google did not register the particular click with a corresponding query.

Most hidden terms come from long-tail keywords and those that don’t register a baseline search volume. Still, these queries are critical, as evidenced by their share of queries for all Google searches. 

DataPins helps you rank for these hidden terms, which generate higher click-through rates, conversions, and more overall clicks compared to sites that only target measurable queries.

Feel free to utilize our download on blog topics for roofers to craft posts for your company website. However, remember that the best roofing blog ideas come from DataPins, which auto-generates E-A-T content for your website, captures rankings for hidden terms, and drives new business to your roofing company.

  • best seo agencies in fort worth
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The (2022) Link Building Guide for Roofers (w/New Insights)

Roofing Company Link Building

What is Link Building for Roofers?

Link building for roofers is the process of acquiring backlinks, for your roofing company website, from 3rd party websites. Link building is as old as search engine optimization, but advancements in Google’s algorithm make building links more challenging. The goal is to acquire white-hat backlinks from relevant 3rd party websites, which helps your own website rank on Google Search.

Link Profile of Roofing Website

The Impact of Link Building for Roofers

Roofers looking to rank higher on Google Search or Google Maps can benefit from link building. Google’s search algorithm considers backlinks when ranking a website or web page. For example, a roof repair page with 15 high-quality backlinks will almost certainly outrank a similar page with only one backlink.

Of course, not all links hold equal value. Google ignores certain links and penalizes others. With this in mind, building quality backlinks is the only goal.

Higher Google Search Rankings

Ranking on organic search results remains a precious skill. Of course, several factors determine where a page ranks on search. Content, for starters, is an essential ranking factor. Your roofing service pages must display well-written and grammatically sound content.

The page must also satisfy the user’s need and their searcher intent. That said, link building often separates two well-written pages on the rankings. If you can acquire relevant backlinks, you can outrank a competitor with similar content.

Search Marketing Result Assessment Through Search Console

Higher Google Maps Rankings

Most roofers cover the local map 3-pack on search results. This pack of results shows up higher than any other organic search result and attracts a high percentage of clicks. Link building can help your listing appear within the map pack.

Organic Lead Generation in Local Search

Google Business Profile considers the link quality of the linked URL. For example, when you add your company website to your GMB listing, Google will consider the strength of those backlinks when ranking your business listing. Additionally, backlinks from local directories can help your listing rank higher.

Referral Traffic

A lesser-known impact of link building is referral traffic. When high-traffic websites link out to your pages, people will click through and end up on your website. Since the goal is to build relevant links, the user from the 3rd party website probably has an interest in roofing services.

September Search Marketing Results in Analytics

As you acquire more relevant traffic, you can increase lead generation and watch your website grow on Google Analytics. Increasing traffic can even help you rank higher on both Google Search and Google Maps.

Types of Roofing Links

The worldwide web is a large place. With over 1 billion websites on the internet, Google must distinguish between quality and spam. Furthermore, the search engine must ascribe value to certain types of links.

For example, manually creating a business listing on Yelp should not count the same as a local roofing supplier linking to your website because of your good reputation. In the first example, you control the link. In the second example, the 3rd party holds editorial control of the link.

Let’s take a look at the types of roofing links:

NoFollow Roofing Links

NoFollow links are manually built on websites that give you total control of the link process. Examples of NoFollow links come from business directories like Yelp and Angie’s List or any other platform that allows you to submit your URL and your business information.

As a result of the process, Google only considers NoFollow links as a hint of your website’s authority. Despite the lesser value, local citation links remain a valuable resource for roofers.

NoFollow Roofing Link

Despite not holding 100% link equity, nofollow links help search engines identify your business and its contact information, building authority.

DoFollow Roofing Links

DoFollow Roofing links hold 100% link equity for search engines. They are links built by 3rd parties who hold editorial control of the link’s placement. Examples of these links include roofing blogs, local newspapers, and local contractor or business websites (typically in a similar but slightly different industry).

Google sees DoFollow backlinks as a vote of confidence from the linking website to the linked page. With this in mind, DoFollow links from spam websites can actually do more harm than good. Luckily, Google’s algorithm has grown to ignore most spam links in 2022.

DoFollow Roofing Links

How To Build Roofing Links

Link building is a process that requires strategy, authority, and some good fortune. The link-building process is much different in 2022 than it was at Google’s inception. When Google first launched, building links was easy, and search engines rewarded spam.

Any roofer could create blog comment links with their exact keyword linked to the preferred page and watch as it ranked instantly. Google’s algorithm updates put link spam to rest, and for a good reason. Building links in 2022 now requires true effort.

Create Linkable Assets

The best way to acquire links is by creating linkable assets in the form of high-quality roofing content. Whether it’s a detailed blog post about monitoring your roof for ice dams or an e-book about selecting a licensed roofing company, the content naturally attracts the links.

Bloggers constantly look for quality content to cite within their posts and link them to credit. Additionally, linkable assets allow you to perform email outreach to blog writers and journalists who may be looking for good content.

Email Outreach

Speaking of email outreach, it remains one of the better ways to build links in 2022. Be careful, however, and never exchange money for links. The idea is to identify relevant roofing websites that may want to link to your content. These can be roof bloggers, roofing suppliers, or even real estate agents who need to refer a roofing company for their clients.

Look for broken links on relevant web pages and email the webmaster offering your content as a suitable replacement link. You can also suggest a good spot for your link as long as it truly adds value to the reader’s experience.

Submit NAP Citations

We mentioned NoFollow links previously, and building them is much easier. Check out the plumbing directory list and start submitting your contact information (along with your website URL) to each platform. These links help solidify your company as legitimate and can also help you get some referral traffic or lead generation.

Citation Sources for Roofing SEO

Steer clear of shady-looking directories since they might do more harm than good in 2022. In contrast, ensure your listing appears on major platforms like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List.

Backlink Monitoring for Roofing Websites

Some roofing links can do more harm than good, bringing us to backlink monitoring. You can use tools like Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to monitor toxic backlinks. Moz even shows a spam score indicating the toxicity of your backlink profile.

Domains with thousands of spam links can lose value and have trouble ranking on search engines. Black-hat tactics from previous SEO companies may have put your roofing website in a horrible position. Google allows website owners to submit disavow files that contain a list of toxic links you wish no longer to be affiliated with your website.

Here’s what you should be looking for while monitoring:

Anchor Text

One of the most obvious signs of link spam is dozens of instances of the same exact-match anchor text. For example, if you own a roofing company in Seattle, WA, and your backlink profile shows 200 links with the anchor text roof repair seattle, you know you have a problem.

Having too many instances of the same anchor text appears unnatural to search engines and indicates that you’ve attempted to game their algorithm. Such tactics can result in a manual action on your Google Search Console.

Luckily, Google tries to ignore spam links before penalizing them. So if someone maliciously builds those links as a negative SEO attack, Google won’t blame you for it.  

Spam Score

We mentioned Moz’s spam score, which gives a general sense of a domain’s link profile. Google does not acknowledge Moz’s spam score since they likely have their own internal metric to judge domains. Nevertheless, Moz’s score gives you a general idea of whether your domain or a linking domain has a spam problem.

If you have links from a website with a high spam score, it will probably not help. Depending on how shady the website and link appear, you may want to request its removal or add it to your disavow file.  


If you notice backlinks from irrelevant websites, it’s best to request removal. For example, an entertainment news website should not link to your website unless the article very specifically focuses on roofing.

Another example of an irrelevant domain would be something in the medical field. For example, a plastic surgeon linking to your roof repair page creates a major red flag for the spam filters and will not help your pages increase ranking or authority. 

What Makes a Good Roofing Backlink?

Now that you know red flags to monitor, you may wonder; what makes a good backlink for roofers? The qualities of a good backlink are very straightforward. Once you identify the pillars of good links, you can begin to look for opportunities for your roofing website.

Similarly, you can breathe a sigh of relief every time a strong website links to one of your roofing pages or blog posts. It is these types of links that ultimately boost your rankings on Google Search.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is another Moz metric, and while Google does not acknowledge it, it remains a good indicator of a quality website. Domain Authority between 20-30 is good for a roofing website. Popular roofing blogs may have DAs between 50-70, while a local newspaper may have a DA in the 90s.

Keep in mind, however, that a low Doman Authority does not automatically equate to spam. A relevant link from a roofing website with a 5 DA can still build authority. And as a white-hat link, the worst-case scenario is that Google ignores it. 


Relevance is critical for link building, and we cannot stress it enough. A strong backlink appears within the body of the text and in the context of the rest of the page. For example, a blogger writing about the best roof repair companies in Dallas can link to your website in a very relevant way.

The link helps the reader verify your existence and therefore serves as a highly-valuable link. The relevance factor makes building linkable assets that much more critical. The more good content you produce, the more chances you have for relevant links.


Web pages that generate frequent traffic provide the best backlink opportunities for roofers. Not only does traffic create more referral opportunities, but it also indicates the page’s value to Google. A website that places your link on one of its most popular pages must truly think your link adds value to its readers and helps them inform and educate.

Google notes such information and ascribes increased value to a link of such variety. Anytime you can get a backlink from a popular web page, you are helping your SEO profile.


Link placement matters for roofer SEO. For example, a link placed within the body content of a blog post holds more value than a link placed in the author’s profile. Why? Because a link within the body is known as an editorial link. It indicates to Google that the writer voluntarily added the link to its blog post to help inform the reader.

In contrast, a link in the author’s profile indicates something like a guest post, making the link less valuable because the author may have added the link for self-serving reasons.

Link Building Services for Roofing Companies

Roofing Webmasters offers link-building services for roofers throughout the United States. Ensure your provider only conducts white-hat link outreach when looking for link-building services. Any money exchange violates Google’s Quality Guidelines and can result in a manual or algorithmic penalty to your website.

Additionally, even so-called white-hat links can hurt your website if the provider over-optimizes your anchor text. For example, 100 links saying roofer in maryland all pointing to your homepage is a clear attempt to spam the algorithm. 

Your best link-building option remains to create linkable assets through content marketing. Roofing Webmasters offers content marketing services aimed to help you acquire natural and organic backlinks. Our content team works around the clock to craft the best possible content for your website.

Your pages begin to naturally earn links, particularly with the use of DataPins check-ins. We look forward to discussing the specifics of your options when you sign up with Roofing Webmasters.

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Don’t Get Your Roofing GMB / Google Map Banned

The Google Map 3-Pack is valuable real estate for roofers and other small businesses with an online presence. Most local clicks occur within the Map Pack on Google, and roofers can make or break their business. With that said, illegitimate addresses can ruin your entire operation. Why? Google reserves the right to ban fake addresses from Google My Business. And they’ve been exercising that right more and more in recent months. Exploiting Google Maps is not your right as a business owner. Sure, it may work temporarily, but ultimately they will ban your listing.

Why Roofers Should Not Exploit Google My Business

It’s not just roofers, but various contractor businesses attempt to exploit Google My Business with fake addresses. Sometimes the violations are less egregious, like when putting a real PO Box is your address, and other times they are flagrant, like when claiming a random shared space you found online. Roofers want to make money and grow their business online, and sometimes they are willing to push the envelope to accomplish goals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out well for those contractors. Google bans fake addresses and may restrict the entire account associated with those listings. You may lose your legitimate address in the process of trying to claim fake ones.

GMB Screenshot for Roofers

List of Address Types Google Rejects

Google doesn’t care that a sign exists in front of your shared space or flex space. They certainly don’t care that you pay for a PO Box or virtual office. Their standards are evident in the Guidelines for representing your business on Google, strictly prohibiting multiple listings without storefronts. Take a look at the rejected address types below:

  • Flex space
  • PO Box
  • Virtual Office
  • Shared space

Things Roofers Need for a Legitimate Google My Business Listing

As a roofer, you have two choices, a storefront business or a service area business (SAB). Contractors working out of their home can register a single SAB on Google My Business (that means one and only one). Google still uses your address for proximity, but the users can’t see the address for privacy reasons. A storefront address is viewable for the public and gets a defined marker on the Google Map. If you choose a storefront business, you must have the following:

  • Legitimate address
  • Visible and proper signage
  • Registered business name

Legitimate Addresses Produce Superior Results

Roofers who attempt to exploit GMBs are risking their entire business. The shameful part of it is that they can produce high-quality leads without breaking the rules. At Roofing Webmasters, one of our clients used a comprehensive SEO plan to appear prominently in their hometown. When a hail storm hit nearby, they received over 1,500 calls. They will retire off that single hail storm that occurred in a town with less than 50,000 people. Imagine if a hailstorm hits a highly populated town? Doing things the right way pays off in the end.

Get Started With Roofing Webmasters

One way to show up better on Google Maps is to use our proprietary software called BrandREVU. Our software empowers roofers to snap photos of each job and upload them to the BRandREVU app, which then automatically populates them onto the appropriate web pages and requests reviews from the services customers. As you accumulate more reviews and targeted web content, Google improves your local ranking position. We do high-end work for roofing companies with legitimate business practices. Contact us today to start increasing web visibility.

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  • best seo agencies in fort worth
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  • national roofing contractors association nrca partner
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Online Roofer Obscurity to Rockstar

At Roofing Webmasters, we get calls from prospective clients who question whether it’s possible to reach their competitors’ success level. The reality is that on the internet, nobody knows the full history of a business. Sure, reviews matter. Reputation matters. But a 10th year, 2nd generation roofer with a terrible website and no reviews will not benefit from their tenure. People simply don’t care because they don’t know. You can quickly close that gap as a 1st or 2nd year roofing company with a robust website, fabulous logo, and frequent reviews.

Removing False Narratives

Some people call it future-tripping or preconceived notions. But roofers coming up with reasons why their business can’t succeed is a limiting thought. Sure, competitors may have an advantage in tenure, but that doesn’t mean they’re spending thousands on their marketing campaigns. The noise in your head is often a fear-based mechanism that reduces your ability to grow. The good news is that at Roofing Webmasters, we’ve helped new clients become rockstars within only 12 months. Some roofers have left their parent roofing company and branched off as their own. They’ve found great success with SEO, web design, reputation management, and other marketing techniques.

Consumer Sees Rockstar; Google Sees Activity

Perception matters online, and whether you are a relatively new roofing company or a tenured one, your digital presence can make or break how consumers view your business. In the same breath, Google refrains from ascribing such designations to any company. Instead, they look for activity, like branded signaling. While consumers look at your logo, web design, content, and services, Google notices your activity on GMB, Facebook, your website, and other digital properties. When these two agendas merge simultaneously, roofers can become marketing rockstars within six months.

At Roofing Webmasters, we get calls from prospective clients who question whether it’s possible to reach their competitors’ success level. The reality is that on the internet, nobody knows the full history of a business. Sure, reviews matter. Reputation matters. But a 10th year, 2nd generation roofer with a terrible website and no reviews will not benefit from their tenure. People simply don’t care because they don’t know. You can quickly close that gap as a 1st or 2nd year roofing company with a robust website, fabulous logo, and frequent reviews.

How Roofers Control Their Online Narrative

So how do roofers close the gap between new companies and tenured ones? It’s simple. Place your resources towards marketing levers that move the needle. These include organic search, branding, and lead generation. Sure, PPC and pay per call can also help roofers in the short-term, but the SEO and branding components make the difference in regards to online presence. Addressing these crucial components allows for relatively new contractors to dominate long-time roofers. 

Organic Search

SEO helps roofers rank on Google SERPs, which gets free clicks to your website and other digital properties (like Google My Business). A high percentage of clicks come from the Local 3-Pack, which means you’ll need a strong organic presence with both your website and business listing. Free traffic is the best traffic, and not just because there’s no cost. Visitors who click directly on your properties are more likely to engage with your company and become repeat customers. It’s far superior to plucking one-time jobs from PPC ads. The organic and GMB aspects work together to strengthen your online brand.


Speaking of brands, Google pays quite a bit of attention to branded signals. It doesn’t matter necessarily how long you’ve been in business,s but more so that consumers are engaging with your brand. Branded engagement can manifest itself in various ways. Are people searching for your name online? Are they finding favorable reviews on Google and Facebook? Do they like your posts on social media and other online platforms? Roofers can attain each of these signals and reach the top of the mountain for pure domination.

Lead Generation

Exclusive leads are always the best for roofing companies, and that’s driven home when you experience the difference in call quality. For example, PPC calls are usually people who don’t care much about your brand. That isn’t good when you need to repeat customers. Furthermore, PPC leads will cost money each time. If you buy leads from a 3rd party vendor, their brand gets all the signaling and will benefit from the repeat business. There’s no disputing that leads from organic sources provide the highest ROI for roofing contractors in 2021.

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Hail Damage Roofing Leads Gone Wild

Most roofing contractors covet high-quality leads for their business. For those who’ve been in the industry for a long time, they know that hail storms often spark an increase in estimate and inspection requests. But those calls typically go to only a few roofers within the damaged community. So how do you become one of those roofers? One of Roofing Webmasters’ top clients recently reaped the rewards of a storm in their primary service area. 

Lead Sources for our Client

As you can see from this breakdown, organic searches are the top lead source. But a highly diverse set of leads came in through various channels. It’s important to realize that even on non-organic clicks, the user still found the phone number on the website or Google My Business page. That’s where reviews, reputation management, and brand optimization become critical. This contractor was already well-known in their community and had plenty of social proof to confirm their standing.

Google Maps 3-Pack Clicks 15%
Organic Search Clicks 10%
Real Estate Agent Referrals 10%
Insurance Agent Referrals 10%
Facebook Advertising 10%
Nextdoor Advertising 10%
Yard Signs 10%
Trucks & Neighbors 10%
Church Members 7%
Pay Per Click Advertising 3%

Level 2 Branding

Organic search is hands-down the best return on investment for roofers. Organic refers to both traditional organic search results and the local 3-pack. However, the second-best ROI is something called Level 2 Branding. It may not work as quickly as PPC, but it provides a far better long-term return. Our client received several hundred hail damage leads in large part due to Level 2 Branding.

What is Level 2 Branding?

Level 2 Branding is a compilation of high-return marketing efforts, including referral partnerships, pixel tracking, and selective online advertising.

The Long-Term Impact of Level 2 Branding

Level 2 Branding has impressive long-term benefits over time. It may take a hail storm to reveal the real impact of its reach, but even without storms, it outperforms PPC advertising. 

Why PPC is Overrated

This roofing client shows that PPC is highly overrated for lead generation. This customer cleaned up on hail damage leads, and only a small percentage came from PPC. With years of data to support our claim, SEO and Level 2 Branding dominate PPC across the board. It helps if you have yard signs, truck wraps, and a community presence in churches and other local intuitions. PPC can never make up for branding in the world of lead generation.

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6 Incredible Roofing Company Slogans + Sayings for 2022

Roofing Company Slogans + Sayings

Choosing a roofing company slogan can take time and effort. However, the best roofing slogans often manifest organically based on your company’s mission statement, priorities, and beliefs. While the best sayings often emerge naturally, contractors cannot downplay the importance of a high-quality slogan.

At Roofing Webmasters, SEO services are our passion. We talk about digital marketing as much as we can. But beyond SEO, we like helping roofing contractors make their businesses stand out. And an integral part of any marketing strategy that distinguishes you from other roofers is a good slogan. 

But coming up with a memorable slogan and conveying the message you want to send is easier said than done. You know what we mean for anyone who has ever sat down and tried to brainstorm slogan ideas. 

So we were excited to compose today’s post because it covers a topic that we usually don’t get to go in-depth with and allows us to flex our creative muscles. Today we are going to share with you some of our ideas for roofing company slogans. 

“Putting a Strong Roof Over Your Head”

A lot of roofers like to emphasize that they do quality work. And quality is vastly important when it comes to roofs. People want to feel secure that their home or business’s first line of defense against the elements is sturdy. 

The mantra is an excellent slogan for a couple of reasons. One, it conveys the message of strength and reliable protection that people want. Two, it doesn’t pigeonhole you into exclusively residential or commercial work. “Putting a Strong Roof Over Your Head” could be referring to a home or a business.

“There When you Need Us”

One of the homeowner’s greatest fears is a compromised roof. And for business owners, a collapsed or leaking roof could mean that they have to shut their doors. “There when you need us” is a great roofing company slogan for any contractor that offers emergency roof repair service. 

But it’s a more versatile slogan than that. Yes, there is an apparent reference to emergency roof repair, but it also speaks of your commitment to helping people in their time of need. The saying in question would be a fitting slogan for any roofing contractor that emphasizes customer service.

“Roofing the Way it Should Be”

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous roofers out there who don’t mind cutting corners. And unfortunately, there are home and business owners out there who have been burned by said unscrupulous roofers. 

“Roofing the Way it Should Be” tells your customers that you understand their trepidation but, more importantly, that you go out of your way to do right by your customers. This slogan immediately speaks of quality and an understanding of what your customers seek.

“Giving you the Roof you Need”

We think this slogan would be great for any roofing contractors who do complex or specialized work. Many properties have specific needs when it comes to the roof, and this slogan lets customers know that you can deliver no matter how complicated the job may be. 

But it’s another versatile slogan that can mean many things to different customers. Maybe the roof a homeowner needs is not so much specialized as it is vital. Perhaps someone is looking for an aesthetically pleasing roof. “Giving you the Roof you Need” appeals to many consumers by speaking to their perceptions, making it useful for many purposes.

“Experience, Expertise and Exceeding Expectations”

These 4 “E’s” pack a punch. The saying is simple, straight to the point, and who doesn’t love alliteration? The simplicity conveys exceptional skill and attentive customer service. 

The above saying would be an excellent (and the alliteration continues) slogan for a company with several years in the roofing industry and values customer satisfaction.

“Roofing Made Easy”

A lot of people dread dealing with roofing maintenance, repairs, and inspections. The process is often lengthy and complicated – especially if insurance companies are involved. This slogan allays the fears that many people have about roofing work – that it’s time-consuming and stressful. 

This saying, or something like it, would be a good slogan to use if you offer roofing insurance claims to help or make an effort to make the process as simple as possible for your customers. 

How Roofing Slogans Help Generate Leads

These roofing slogans are yours to utilize as you see fit. But in general, we wanted to use these to help spark some of your ideas. You can also use these slogans as a jumping-off point to help you give voice to your unique message. Roofing companies with catchy slogans will generate high-quality leads. Remember, it pays to stand out in the roofing business.

And if you need help with more than just slogans for your roofing business, we can be of service. Let us increase your business through strategic digital marketing. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide SEO, Web Design, Reputation Management, and PPC. Contact us today to learn more,

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Commercial Roofing Marketing: The Essential Guide for 2022

Commercial Roofing Marketing (Blog Cover)

Commercial roofing marketing is rarely discussed in the proper context. Most marketing strategies for roofers focus on hybrid companies or those specializing in residential roofing jobs. However, commercial roofing requires a unique and targeted marketing strategy to yield optimal results in 2022.

The commercial roofing industry is very competitive. Because commercial jobs often yield big-ticket revenue that can set your company up for a successful year, the fight for commercial roofing leads is fierce. Depending on your location, multiple companies may vie for these big-ticket jobs. So how do you become the proverbial “big fish” in a vast ocean?

Getting Started With Commercial Roofing Marketing

What separates successful commercial roofing businesses from unsuccessful ones is typically marketing. Marketing, particularly SEO for roofers, is what will help your business stand out amid hundreds of competitors. Without a proper digital marketing strategy in place, you will be fighting an uphill battle in this increasingly internet-oriented world.

To that end, the statistics are astounding. A study presented by Statista found that a third of all internet consumers use a search engine to find local businesses every day. The next highest group was 16%, who reported using the internet to find local companies multiple times a week.

People are asking to find your business. But is yours visible? The fact is that you need a specific online presence if you want your business to survive. Digital marketing is, therefore, crucial to the success of your business.

Tips to Market Your Commercial Roofing Company

In the following post, Roofing Webmasters reviews some of the most effective digital marketing strategies for commercial roofers. Implement these strategies to generate more leads, convert customers, and dominate your local market.

Let’s take a look at an updated guide for commercial roofing marketing strategies:

Increase Visibility

We start with an elementary yet chiefly important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. You can’t hope to gain more customers if they can’t see you online. And increasing your visibility can be as simple as setting up a profile on sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

You will also want to invest some more time to create business listings on Google Business Profile, which 64% of online consumers report using to help them find local businesses. It’s straightforward: the more places you have profiles on, the more chances people will have to notice your company.

Commercial Roofer Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile should be your first effort to increase your online visibility. But remember that even people who think they have an excellent online presence can probably still improve it. Many commercial roofers fail to think about smaller but still relevant sites like HomeAdvisor and the Better Business Bureau, which boasted 200 million local business searches in 2021.

Showcase Reviews & Reputation

Ask yourself this question: how many people do you know that don’t ever read online reviews? The list you come up with will probably be pretty small. In an age where a whopping 91% of consumers report reading online reviews on at least an occasional business, you can’t afford to have reviews posted on your website and various business profiles.

People must leave reviews for potential customers to gain the information and confidence they need to hire you as their commercial roofer. So you have to make it easy for them. Again, starting with your Google Business Profile would be best. Obtain a short link to the page where your customers can leave reviews and share it on all your major platforms.

Reviews are gold in marketing, and your strategy needs to emphasize them. Of course, you will want mostly positive reviews, but you should avoid perfect 5-star ratings. Studies have shown that people are suspicious of companies with perfect ratings. You want to hover around 4.2 and 4.8 stars in general.

Commercial Roofing Review on Website

Post the “review us” link on your website and various business profiles and includes it in emails. Reputation management software like DataPins can streamline the process. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for reviews directly, either. Most people will write a review for you if you ask them. 

Interact With Customers

This next commercial roofing marketing strategy sort of picks up the baton from our last point. It’s not enough to get reviews; you also have to reply to reviews. Google has recently updated its Business Profile support page to include a section explaining the importance of reading and responding to reviews. It is especially important to respond to negative reviews.

Responding to negative reviews shows consumers that you care about their satisfaction and are willing to correct mistakes. If you only have time to react to specific reviews, make sure you select negative reviews. 

Ask your followers questions, spark discussions, create questionnaires – anything that allows you to interact with them and show that you care about their opinion. Studies have shown that people are more willing to spend more money on companies that they perceive to put a premium on customer experience. 

A Commercial Roofing Company Instagram Profile

Interacting with your customers shouldn’t stop at reviews. There are plenty of ways to reach out to current and potential customers through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure that you are creating new posts regularly.

Content Marketing & Production

Content marketing is an extremely efficient strategy. It generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing strategies, costing less than half on average. And content marketing can be especially helpful for commercial roofing businesses. That’s because there is a wealth of content opportunities in this space.

A blog where you write posts like “The Best Ways to Maintain your Commercial Roof” or “When do you need a New Roof?” would probably be the easiest route to take with content marketing. But how-to videos are also effective forms of content marketing. 

Commercial Roofing Blog Post

Remember that content marketing aims to draw people to your website or business profile page. Secondly, you should emphasize providing some value to your customers. Content marketing can be DIY, or you can hire a professional marketing team to help you flesh out your strategy. Either way, it is a crucial investment that can yield healthy returns. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a must for any digital marketing strategy. You must know what keywords people use to search for your services and implement them strategically. Google Ads is a valuable tool that can help you do basic keyword research for your business and services. But working with a team that can provide in-depth competitor analysis on keywords is also a good idea. 

And knowing the keywords is only half the battle. Using them strategically in your content and in any ads you run is equally, if not more, important. Another general rule of thumb is that longtail keywords with the name of the city you service are valued highly by search engines.

Commercial Roof Repair Dallas Keyword Research

Your primary keywords should include the town’s name and the state where you operate. Geo-targeting will help with local SEO and make it easier for your target market to find you. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for roofing companies. It covers all the most critical aspects of marketing: reputation management, customer interaction, advertising, and visibility. You should be posting on your Facebook and Instagram profiles regularly.

But posting just any type of content won’t do the trick. Your social media marketing has to be focused and purposeful. Take a look at some tips for effective social media posting:

  • Have a Purpose – Each post you compose should have a goal. Maybe you are rolling out a new commercial roofing service and want to let your customers and potential leads know about it. Or perhaps you are offering your services in a new city. Whatever the situation, be sure to stay on target with all your social media posts.
  • Utilize Facebook Live – Facebook Live provides a lot of businesses with an exciting and effective way to engage with their target market. But as a roofer, it can be challenging to figure out how to utilize this tool in a relevant manner. Consider conducting a Facebook Live feed at the beginning and the very end of a project. Think of it as a before and after feed that will keep your community enticed to see how the project turns out. After all, people love good before and after content.
  • Avoid Excessive Promotion – Facebook has cracked down on posts bundled with ads. As much as you want to promote your business, be sure that your posts provide some value to the reader first and foremost.
  • Deliver Brand Consistency – Make sure your social profiles are consistent regarding their contact information and commercial roofing logo so that customers feel comfortable interacting with your company.

Work with Commercial Roofing Marketing Professionals

Here at Roofing Webmasters, we focus on businesses in the roofing industry. Our specialized experience and the broad array of marketing services make us the right choice whether your company is just starting or already well-established.

We know how to help commercial roofing companies succeed through effective marketing strategies like those we mentioned in this post and many more. We even help residential roofers expand into commercial roofing to multiply their customer acquisition. Reach the next level of success with our digital marketing services. 

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Why You Need Leads for Roofers

Things have changed quite a bit since Nolen started Roofing Webmasters 10 years ago. At that time, roofers would often call looking for “Roofing SEO” or “digital marketing for roofers.” After years of being screwed around by trash marketing, things changed. In 2021, most people inquire about leads for roofers. While leads are certainly a valuable currency for contractors, it is essential to differentiate a quality lead from a harmful one and find a lead source that consistently produces the former.

Avoiding The Roofer Gig Economy

Living lead to lead puts roofers in a gig economy scenario. That’s one of the most significant downsides of buying roofing leads from lead brokers. While sources like HomeAdvisor may produce a quality lead now and then, the process of fighting for shared leads over and again takes its toll on any business. Roofers who generate consistent, high-quality leads from their digital properties are the ones who go out on their boat trips each year. You can do the same if you avoid trash leads.

Go for Branded Leads

Branded roofing leads are the best available. What does branded mean? It means the consumer found your services through one of your branded properties. Offline, this might be a lawn sign or a billboard. Online, a property can be any digital asset, including a website, a business listing, or a social media profile. Branded leads are exclusive and have a much better chance of creating repeat customers. Word of mouth is another branded channel, and one created through reputation management.

Focus on Organic Search

Typically, roofers look for the cheapest leads. Sometimes they forget to consider the ROI of those leads and how sustainable they are going forward. Leads from organic search provide the best ROI for several reasons. First, they are “Free” to acquire. Unlike PPC, organic clicks don’t cost money per click. Once you establish a presence on top of search results, you receive regular clicks for no fee. Over time, free clicks that become repeat customers double, triple, and even quadruple your ROI.

Don’t Forget The Local Map Pack

Sometimes “organic” search results are confused with only being the ten blue links beneath the ads and map pack. That’s not the case at all. Map listings are “organic” search results, and it is critical that roofers appear in the top 3 (in their service area) for consistent lead generation. Leads from the map pack are even higher quality than traditional organic links. Since GMB listings include reviews, contact information, and the precise location, consumers who call are almost certain to become repeat customers. All you have to do is perform great roofing services, and they are yours for life.

Branding + SEO = Lead Generation

Once roofers understand that branding directly translates to lead generation, they begin to invest in SEO. You can check out our roofing SEO guide to learn more about the exact process and how it can help your roofing company. Ultimately, though, the change in philosophy must be rooted in a desire to achieve more remarkable results and earn more revenue. Roofing companies can choose to dominate their service area online or resort to a gig economy business style that barely keeps them afloat. The choice is yours. Click the play button below to listen to the full podcast.

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How Schema Check-ins Radically Boost Local SEO in 2022

Roofing companies are always trying to find an edge over local competitors. As a result, many contractors have asked about the value of check-ins on their roofing company websites. You’ve probably heard about multiple software tools that produce these check-ins, including our very own DataPins.

Dr Roof Recent Check-ins

Key Lessons for Roofing Contractors:

  • Building up a collection of check-ins each month drives higher local SEO rankings.
  • Consistency is key. Only your team can perform these check-ins.
  • This type of activity is rare, meaning businesses can still reap tremendous rewards.

How Check-ins Impact Local SEO

Jobsite check-ins are woefully under-utilized in the contracting industries. Of course, there’s another way of looking at it. Any roofing contractors who consistently utilize the right check-in tools can earn serious lead generation improvements through local SEO. Check-ins serve as a digital hand raise that showcases valid proof of roofing jobs in a particular service area.

When Google crawls local roofing websites, the search engine collects all the evidence it finds. Sure, website service pages can claim a business provides impact-resistant shingle installation, but how often is the company really performing that service? The best types of evidence to influence Local SEO are customer reviews and check-ins. The latter is what we’ll be talking about today.

How Do Jobsite Check-ins Work?

Have you ever seen a Google Map of your city? Hundreds of businesses line the streets, and all corners swell with thriving residential communities. You do not see all the places your roofing company has provided service throughout the city. Google doesn’t see it either, no matter how many times you’ve written about it on your website.

Check-ins change that. When you whip out your phone and perform one, you provide Google with some invaluable data:

  • Your location,
  • The services you just finished providing, and
  • The time.
Screenshot of DataPins Pin from Roofing Website

Check-ins wrap various data points into a collective entry that serves as a digital hand raise. The data includes schema markup, geo-coordinates, images, and captions.

Why Do Check-ins Matter?

While other companies are busy claiming to provide (for example) metal roofing installation in Atlanta, you’ve just shown Google very real evidence of your activity. That’s one small pin on the Google Map, at first. Scale this up to hundreds of pins over a year, and you’ve given Google a real reason to rank your business first in local search results.

All your competitors have roofing websites. Most of your competitors know to collect reviews. Very few roofing companies in your area are performing check-ins. That means there’s a clear opportunity to get ahead of other brands and generate some exclusive roofing leads.

Thanks to the Local Search Update of last year, it’s now possible for young (or even brand new) businesses to win placements in local map packs if they optimize well. We’ve seen previously unknown brands earn top spots within months after starting a regular check-in program. The results are real!

Blog Posts vs. Check-ins for Roofers

When Google ranks local roofing websites, they look for various indicators, including content quality, domain authority, and E-A-T. Most marketing agencies have attempted to boost their clients’ E-A-T scores with blog posts. The problem with blog posts is that they are written by English majors who know nothing about roofing. Therefore, 99% of roofing blog posts are written by non-experts.

Some of the most famous roofing marketing agencies will continue to sell you on the idea that blog posts are the best type of website content. These agencies attempt to trick Google into thinking that roofing professionals are writing the posts. These individuals are intentionally violating Google’s guidelines on your behalf.

Who Can Use Check-ins?

Employees of any business can use check-ins once they have been granted a user login. At the end of each job, they take a picture of your installation (roof replacement, roof coating, etc.) and fill out the project information. Finally, you select “check-in,” and your job is done for that particular location.

The check-in is populated to your company website in the necessary context, creating an SEO advantage and also validating your business as credible. This kind of content is premium in Google’s eyes and is not something that can be copied or duplicated by a competitor’s website because of its uniqueness.

Maximizing Your Check-in Capabilities

The two things that make or break check-ins are frequency and accuracy. Accurate check-ins establish credibility with your business and serve as premium SEO content. Frequent check-ins prove your business is doing regular jobs and indicate that you are a popular service. Furthermore, you are likely to earn more reviews the more check-ins you publish on your website.

Since many of your competitors lack check-in functionality, accumulating as many as possible in the near term should give you a major head start several years later. Once other roofers start catching on, they will be significantly behind the curve you created.

Another aspect of check-ins that should be maximized is image optimization. If you snap an original photo on the job site, it will be worth far more from an SEO standpoint than a non-visual check-in, or worse: a stock photo check-in. The whole idea is to verify your legitimacy as a roofer, and nothing confirms that more than a picture of the actual job.

Conclusion on Schema Check-ins

SEO can seem like a rat race in many industries. But roofers must ask themselves about the most efficient way to grow their brand online. You differentiate yourself from other roofing websites by performing check-ins at job sites.

Not only can you improve local SEO on GMB and the Local 3 Pack, but you can also increase conversion rates and validate your presence in service areas that are outside your office or home zip code.

Nobody knows where SEO will be in 5 years, but the best estimate is that local businesses will be judged by social proof and confirmed job site check-ins. Imagine being #1 on GMB rankings and being able to serve customers throughout all nearby service areas. This is what online roofing marketing may look like in the coming years.

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How Many Leads Can I Expect to Get? (Podcast)

Every person measures success with different standards. That holds true in the case of the roofing industry. Some professionals may be content with ten sales every month, while another may land over 50 without even trying. Thus, when a prospective SEO client calls and asks, “How many leads can I expect to get with your services?” we inevitably have to answer…

“Well, that depends.”

Instead of panicking, packing up shop, and pulling out the phone cord for a couple of days, we do our best to provide an informative explanation. So that’s what we’ll do today! As Nolen and Jason delve into the process of estimating how many exclusive roofing leads you could generate with SEO, be sure to keep a few factors in mind.

Critical Factors for Estimating Potential Roofing Leads

  • Service areas (especially your hometown)
  • Age of your domain and website
  • Relevant storm seasons or trends
  • Current marketing efforts
  • The size of your crew and staff

You Get How Many Leads?!

What’s the number you have in mind right now? Would it surprise you that some roofing professionals are ecstatic to earn ten sales a month? We’ve cheered on a Pittsburgh roofing company earning three to four large commercial jobs a month with a consistent stream of commercial leads. Their company may also work residential jobs for added revenue.

At the same time, we’ve danced with outrageously busy roofers as they knocked out over 750 projects after one terrible San Antonio hail season. They earned another 300+ jobs in the following year too! Fort Collins is another storm arena in which our clients operate. We’ve talked with clients used to earning over $5 million in a year. These sorts of environments offer explosive growth opportunities. So what point are we trying to make here?

Your market heavily influences your lead generation potential.

Developing a Reliable Standard for Leads

As much as we love to talk about our wildly successful clients, not everyone experiences the same level of success. If you judge your South Dakota residential firm by the standards of a Houston storm roofer, you’re always going to come up disappointed. But, on the other hand, you can earn outstanding lead numbers in the right city with the proper marketing!

Let’s walk through how you can develop a reliable estimate of lead potential.

Step #1: Estimate the Size of Your Market

Step one is easy! How many people live in your service area? For this example, let’s say that your town holds 60,000 people. At an average of three people per residence, that’s a potential 20,000 roofs in your community. Now, if you have a smaller list of services – perhaps you focus on metal roofing – that number could be much smaller.

Consider how many roofs in your market fall within your list of solutions. Then, keep that number in mind as you move on to the next couple of steps.

Step #2: Consider the Lifespan of Local Roofs

How often do people in your local market replace their roofs, barring an act of God? Not all your local homeowners and businesses replace their roofs at the same time. For simplicity, let’s take Nolen’s example and say that a tenth of local homeowners replaces their roof each year. Take the size of your market from step #1 and determine how many roofing projects are up for grabs every year.

If 10% of homes in a city of 20,000 need replacements each year, that’s 2,000 jobs every year. So your business will earn a percentage of that total.

Once you’ve figured out how many jobs are ripe for the taking each year, we come to the last phase of estimating how many potential leads you can earn.

Step #3: Set Your Potential Market Share

This final step is a little more complicated. First, you need to consider how many competing companies exist in your market, then set a realistic capture-able share of online leads. Don’t give up, even if you’re a new entry into the market! We’ve seen brand-new roofing professionals earn a dominant market share within a year or two.

If you don’t know how to estimate this percentage, don’t sweat it. Our SEO professionals would love to run through the process with you and help you come up with a reasonable estimate. For now, let’s say you have 2,000 leads up for grabs each year, or 166 each month (we know that’s not how life works, but whatever).

If your business is just starting, you may earn three to five leads a month from your brand-new website. Once your company brand grows and people recognize your name, that number will start to rise. Then, a couple of years later, you could be earning a dependable ten leads a month!

A Note on Storm Markets

One side note: if you live in a storm-prone environment, it’s easy to get carried away with speculative booms. However, we highly recommend that you heavily discount your estimated leads if you are trying to factor in storm markets. “The next big hurricane” could be next year. It could also be four years from now.

In the meantime, start laying the digital groundwork to prepare for that future storm. Even if your city experiences the worst storm in decades, companies with no online presence to speak of won’t magically strike it rich. Instead, people need to find your business in Google Search, which means developing an optimized web presence.

Your Part in Lead Gen

That’s right! Your business has a role to play in the process of earning leads. Get out there! Market your business, serve the community, and ask for reviews! Please take pictures of your projects and share them with your website developer. Ask for reviews again! Continue spreading the word and being active in your school, neighborhood association, etc.

If you team up with our skilled developers at Roofing Webmasters, use DataPins. Our content developers, programmers, SEO experts, and other pros can do a lot of work. But collecting reviews, taking photos, and providing excellent customer service are things we can’t do for you. By working together, we can produce results that you’ll be proud of, no matter your market.

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