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Online Citations for Roofers in 2022

It’s 2022 and roofers should not worry too much about local citations besides Google Business Profile. That doesn’t mean they should not worry at all, however. Tools like Whitespark and Yext can help roofers quickly manage their citations throughout the web. The truth however is that in 2022, citations will not heavily influence local rankings.

Even in 2018, local citations were only considered to be 10.82% of the Map Pack ranking algorithm and even less than that (8.41%) for organic. We project that number to be even less in 2022. Google My Business optimization, company reviews, and website quality each matter much more.

Roofing Business Citation

What Is an Online Citation?

An online citation is a listing of your roofing company’s contact information, including; name, address, and phone number (NAP), within an internet directory website. One of the most popular ways for consumers to find new services, in the pre-internet age, was through the Yellow Pages. As physical Yellow Pages have become obsolete, online directories have taken their place. Because the internet is the number one source of new information, it is also a great place to promote local services. Directory listings typically consist of:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • About Me / Biography

Though it is one of the simplest components of SEO, listings optimization is still a practice that goes unattended, far too often. At Roofing Webmasters, our goal is to exhaust every last detail and venture down every possible optimization avenue. Online citations are a great place to start. With optimized online citations, your roofing website will not only rank higher on search engines but will earn credibility among customers.

Our team at Roofing Webmasters claims and optimizes each citation with a clear intention to; make your business more appealing to customers, increase rankings on search engines, and ultimately boost sales conversions.

Citation Sources for Roofing SEO

How Citations Help Your Roofing Business

Online citations are critical to the success of your roofing website because they can improve your local SEO for roofers among potential customers. While it might seem necessary to link back to your website when adding an online citation, this is not so; just the mention of your business name is enough to improve local search results. While a link can certainly help, it won’t really have an effect on search engine results. Online citations add the following elements to a roofing company:

  • Authority: Niche directories like Angie’s List can help establish your company as authoritative in the roofing industry
  • Credibility: For your business to be taken seriously, it must be listed on Google, Facebook, and other popular directories
  • Trust: Verified citation profiles with completed information and positive reviews helps earn trust
  • Visibility: If local consumers can’t find your business, they won’t use it

Not only are online citations important to search engines, but they also establish online credibility. Business directories like Angie’s List or Yelp can really increase visibility and convince potential customers that your business and website are trustworthy. With this in mind, the more citations your roofing website accumulates, the more credible you seem to consumers, and the more likely you will be to receive a higher ranking on local search listings.

With citation management from Roofing Webmasters, your company will attract more business, gain more clients, and increase search rankings.

Top Citation Sources for Roofers

In a highly competitive digital landscape, the smallest details can separate your website from competitors. At Roofing Webmasters, we claim and optimize online citations with the objective of driving more relevant traffic to your website. In the claiming and optimization process, we focus on accuracy, consistency, and completion.

Inconsistent listings confuse both search engines and their users. Losing a potential client due to an old phone number listing is money down the drain for your roofing company. With our objective clear, we target the most popular citation sources for roofers:

  • Angie’s List
  • Facebook
  • Google Business Profile
  • Yelp

There are generally two types of citations, partial citations (name and phone number) and full citations (name, address, and phone number). Some citation sources require more information, and offer additional space to market your company through website links, about me sections, and logo and header photos. When we identified completion as part of our optimization process, we were referring to citations like these.

We want to make sure that every representation of your company online is as appealing as possible to consumers. You never know where your next roofing lead is going to come from.

Local Citations for Roofing Companies

National citation sources are important, but creating citations that are specific to your area and industry is even more critical. We build local citations by joining industry and local associations. Roofing companies with a decade or more of service will likely already be members of some of these associations, in which case they should document those accomplishments on their website.

In order to rank in local search listings and attract clients, all citations must be accurate and consistent. Our team goes through each citation to ensure uniformity. Upon completion of each listing, we check for duplicates and have them removed if necessary.

Roofing Webmasters will not only develop online citations through 3rd party directories but through your own website, as well. It is important to have the necessary information on your website, so customers are able to locate and contact you.

Our team has many years of experience creating citation sources that rank higher in search engines and increase visibility to local customers. Online citations aren’t always talked about as an internet marketing tool, but we understand that every SEO component is important, and we will leave no stone unturned.

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