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Google Analytics for Roofers (Updated for 2021)

Roofers can gauge their online performance with Google Analytics. The goal of marketing online is clearly to get as many leads as possible in the form of calls and emails, but Analytics helps identify the causes of lead generation. For example, Analytics tells roofers how much traffic they are getting each day and from what source that traffic originates. You can even create goals and events to break down the conversion process further and improve your website. Google Analytics is free for anyone to use, making it a must-have.

Google Analytics Tracking Screenshot

Why Roofers Need Analytics

Most roofing websites have a clear goal to generate leads. There are various ways to drive traffic to your website including SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Once users enter your website, the conversion process begins. To track users’ journey from basic visitor to customer lead, your website must be equipped with Google Analytics, a free tracking tool from the world’s top search engine. With Analytics, roofing companies can track the following:

  • Bounce Rate: The rate at which users exit your site immediately after the entrance
  • Conversion Rate: The rate at which a visitor becomes a lead
  • Traffic Source: Where website visitors are coming from (direct, referral, etc.)
  • User Demographics: Characteristics of your visitors (age, gender, location, etc.)

Measuring how users behave upon entrance to your site helps illustrate areas that need improvement, as well as areas of great strength. The more data we can accumulate and analyze, the more efficiently we can market your roofing services to a target audience. For example, data showing a large percentage of traffic from a location outside your company’s service radius instructs you to do one of two things. Either adjust your SEO to discourage those visitors from entering, or expand your service radius to cover that location.

Google Analytics Best Practices

Not everyone uses Google Analytics the same way. The tool is very comprehensive, so it caters to the needs of each webmaster. For roofers, identifying website goals will help you make the best use of Analytics. If the goal is to get more phone calls, for example, you can have analytics track the number of times a user clicks on the phone number button on your homepage. If the data shows not enough people are clicking, it might lead you to re-position the button into a more appealing section of the layout. Best practices vary by need.

Engagement metrics can also highlight website errors that require technical fixes. If many users are exiting your website on the same page it might be that the page in question is displaying a 404 error. Without Analytics tracking this error might have gone unresolved for months, but with Google’s free tools it can be diagnosed and corrected within hours. The result of consistent analytical data is a higher-performing website and superior lead generation.

Can My Roofing Website Survive Without Google Analytics?

If you’re getting plenty of calls you might not need Google Analytics to confirm it. The problem is that if and when your calls slow down you won’t understand why. By having Analytics tracking your website at all times, you can identify sudden problems with your lead generation process. So websites that are successful tend to already have Analytics installed because it has helped them improve their conversion rate. On the other side, failed websites often don’t understand why they are failing.

Since Google Analytics is free there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be installed on every website. If you require assistance installing the tracking code into your HTML you can call on a professional designer or programmer to help. Roofing Webmasters installs Google Analytics on every one of our client websites allowing us to track organic clicks and discuss your site’s progress over time. It also helps us identify opportunities and maximize conversions.

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