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Quality Content For Roofers

Google is known to value quality content. But what defines quality for roofing website content? Roofing Webmasters’ guide to perfect content is a great resource to learn how to write and publish SEO-friendly pages. Contractors should also get up to date on the best practices with our roofing SEO guide for 2022. When asking a group of marketers to define “quality content,” you are likely to get different answers from each one. Why? Because although Google has emphasized what not to do when writing content, they have given little indication about what to do. That’s why you’ll often hear discrepancies between marketers about ideal content length, structure, and keyword placement. Here’s what we know it to be:

  • Engaging: Good content engages the reader, which in this case will be prospective roofing customer
  • Unique: Quality content cannot be found elsewhere on the web (at least in an identical form) but is instead exclusive to a page
  • Valuable: Worthwhile content satisfies a user’s need demonstrated through their search query and thus creates inherent value

Google states the above characteristics within its Quality Guidelines. But even so, they remain vague depictions that lack specificity. Roofing contractors we talk to daily are looking for specifics about writing great content for their website. On this page, we will break down what engaging, unique, and valuable content is from a practical standpoint and how roofers can apply it to their company website to increase rankings and generate leads online. Everything covered on Roofing Webmasters is rooted in a common objective to help local contractors outperform competitors online and grow their business in 2022 and moving forward. When you view marketing techniques through that lens, it’s easier to buy in.

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How to Create Engaging Content for Roofers

Roofing websites that engage the visitor have content in the form of text and visual mediums like images and videos. Not every contractor has videos on file, but most have photos, and if they don’t, they should. Users prefer content to be broken up by other elements so that the experience is more aesthetically pleasing. With attention spans decreasing every day, engaging readers is more important than ever before. Websites can capture engagement via the written word as well. The quality writing that flows naturally is always going to perform well in comparison to the alternative. The same is true of content formatting, including headers, bullet points, internal links, etc. Here are some ways to create engaging content for roofers:

  • Break Up Text With Formatting
  • Include Images and Video Within Text
  • Insert Internal Links Where Appropriate
  • Write Conversational Copy With Flow & Voice
  • Write Grammatically Correct Copy

Poor grammar can distract a reader and, worse yet, prompt them to leave the website altogether. There are similar repercussions to factual and style errors. A website that exudes professionalism is far more likely to succeed than one that does not. But that’s not only the call of Google but perhaps more specifically, their users. Understand that Google does not have a native ideology. Instead, some interests are rooted in the needs and preferences of their users. The best way to improve your stock in the eyes of Google is to write content that will appeal to their searchers. Engagement is about more than just reading and comprehension; it is also about the visitor’s overall feeling from your content. As a roofer, this can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

Roofing Content Engagement Screenshot

How To Create Unique Content for Roofers

Roofing websites have historically been bad about stealing content from other websites. Since roofers’ main goal is to generate leads, finding the time to write original content is unrealistic. Instead of hiring writers or an SEO company to do so on their behalf, they participate in a content scraping tactic. To scrape content means to copy it from another similar website and paste it on your own. Sometimes they make slight changes, and sometimes not. In either case, duplicating content from throughout the web eliminates its uniqueness. Worse than that, it is blatant plagiarism and could come back to haunt you either through Google penalty or a cease and desist order. Creating unique content requires professional and educated writers who know about your industry. Your content writers should have these characteristics:

  • Experience Writing from a Marketing Perspective
  • Knowledge of Industry (Roofing)
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Samples of Previous Writing Work
  • Firm Grasp of English Language / Grammar

Roofing Webmasters employs a full staff of SEO marketing writers who are managed by a professional editor. Each website published with our service has unique pages written from scratch. Our team is regularly trained in the latest SEO tactics and briefed about the latest roofing industry trends. As a result, we’ve written thousands of websites for local roofing contractors, showcasing extensive knowledge of different roofing types, including commercial and residential. Our pages are notably detailed, and we delve into everything from essential roof replacement to acrylic roof coatings. Aside from hiring an SEO company like Roofing Webmasters to produce your original content, you can also look to outsource it to freelancers. If you go this route, make sure they can prove their experience writing for your industry.

How to Create Valuable Content for Roofers

Every search query has an intent behind it. Users searching for “roof repair near me” demonstrate an intention to learn about repair services in their local area and possibly even invest in them ASAP. On the other hand, a query like “how to fix my roof” intends to find a DIY-type article or video that can walk them through the process. Pages that can satisfy the intent of their search queries are the ones that are going to be most valuable to them. As was noted earlier, Google follows the needs of its users. So whatever pages are most valuable to them are also prioritized by Google. Creating valuable content starts by identifying the intent of the user likely to visit your page. It would be best to ask yourself specific questions about your target audience and how you can best provide the content they need:

  1. Who Is My Target Audience? – Ex: Local Homeowners Who Need Roofing Services
  2. What Do They Want To Know? – Ex: The Cost, Timeline, and Reputation of My Services, And How To Contact
  3. What Can Enhance Their Experience? – Ex: Convenience, Clear Calls To Action, Etc.

By defining an audience and catering to their needs, you create valuable content for your roofing website. Remember, also, that value has an element of relativity to it. The most competitive roofer in your area may have great content or only mediocre content. You can find this out by searching for your main keywords on Google. For example, browsing the top results for “roofer in (your city)” will give you an idea of what the competition looks like and how valuable the content is on those websites. You can assess those pages and compare and contrast what they provide that yours does not. Demonstrating value does not have to be rocket science for roofing companies. If you can give consumers a reason to choose your services and the convenience to contact you without much effort, you can begin to generate leads at an impressive rate.