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Video Content for Roofers (2022)

When roofers think about web content, they often think about writing. Luckily, Roofing Webmasters has a manual to write perfect content. But content is about more than just the written word. Content is also visual and there is no more engaging visual medium than video. With the emergence of YouTube and its compatibility with HTML, videos have become an important aspect of roofing company websites. Videos can help improve your SEO as you, we detail in our search engine optimization guide for 2022. As a local roofing contractor, you should inform yourself how videos can help you generate more roofing leads online.

Roofer Video Content Graphic

As a roofer, you might not think the camera is your friend. After all, many YouTube videos are popularized based on “internet celebrities” who are playing an exaggerated version of themselves. But did you know that video can be effective on a smaller scale? While you shouldn’t expect to generate hundreds of thousands of views for your roofing company introduction video, it can serve the same purpose as a local TV spot. When published on the homepage of your website, future customers can see you in a more personal way.

Advantages of Video Content for Roofing Websites

If your website doesn’t include video content, the time to change that is now. This year, online videos will account for an estimated 80% of all consumer internet traffic. That number is astounding and its implications will be substantial, if not industry-altering. Consumers interact well with visual content and statistics show that video is the most likely content medium to be “paid close attention to.” When you consider our society’s increasingly dwindling attention span, this lines up perfectly with a common-sense approach.

  • Conversion: Video content can help convert a visitor into a customer
  • Engagement: Video is proven to engage users at a higher rate than text, and even images
  • Link Building: Integrating YouTube videos within HTML help build quality backlinks
  • SEO: Video content ranks high on search results for certain keywords

The inclusion of video within website HTML is a completely white-hat SEO methodology. There is no downside to using video on your homepage or any other page, as long as it is properly placed and relevant to the topic. Chances are roofing customers are going to choose to watch a video before reading blocks of text. It is more convenient for them as a way to learn about your company and services. Some may choose to neither watch nor read content, and go straight to your phone number, which is also okay.

Merging YouTube With Your Roofing Website

There are several ways to host video content on your website. You can do it natively, directly on your server, or you can host on YouTube and simply embed the corresponding code within your site’s HTML. The former takes up coveted space on your server and can actually slow down page loading times. The latter is much simpler and more intuitive and user-friendly. It also promotes growth on multiple platforms. Follow the steps below to embed YouTube clips within your website.

  1. Step 1: Navigate To Your YouTube Video
  2. Step 2: Click On “Share”
  3. Step 3: Click On “Embed”
  4. Step 4: Copy HTML Code
  5. Step 5: Paste HTML Code Within Your Website

This process is considerably easier when using WordPress as your content management system. WordPress supports widgets in which HTML code can be pasted and placed anywhere on your page layout. The best option is to invest in professional web design so that you can ensure a clean and effective merger of YouTube videos within your website HTML. Roofing Webmasters is the design team for the job and is ready and willing to help you get started ASAP.

Producing Video Content For Roofers

As we mentioned above, a video’s quality helps determine the influence of its content. Low-quality videos make your company look cheap and amateur, while high-quality videos will have the opposite impact. Most smartphones record HQ video. The trick is getting the accompanying audio to match the video quality. The best course of action is to purchase a condenser microphone that you can attach to your mobile device. These products are somewhat inexpensive and will allow you to record professional-sounding audio. Amazon has more than a few choices available.

As far as the topics of your videos — it’s all about access and visuals. Consumers don’t want to be told about your services, they want to be shown. Before and after shots of roofing jobs can really capture a user’s attention, particularly when in video form. Taking them through the process of roof installation, condensed with video editing can influence conversion rates and increase engagement. Trust has always been one of the foremost considerations of any prospective customer and seeing your team in action helps build that trust in your favor.